What's New at CyBick
Do you have memorable video footage just sitting around? We will dub them onto a video file or DVD…or edit your story from that material! CyBick offers very competitive prices. Contact us at email@cybick.com and let us know what you are looking for. We would love to help!
CyBick Productions creates a video in support of a Twin Cities school district operating levy. District 622 faced cuts of 34 million dollars. The 6.8 million dollar per year levy passed with strong support!

Look for Bick Smith, starring in the critically-acclaimed Above-the-Line-Entertainment comedy “Illegal Aliens,” showing at film festivals all over the country!

CyBick Productions shot a Minneapolis studio recording session with Maud Hixson and Rick Carlson!

Hailed as “gently virtuosic” (All About Jazz), Maud Hixson is a devoted exponent of great songs, ranging from the classic Great American Songbook to the often unsung or forgotten compositions awaiting rediscovery.

Sheryl Crow and Take 6 concerts in the Twin Cities video coverage by CyBick Productions.

CyBick Productions provides official video coverage of the Sheryl Crow and Take 6 concerts in the Twin Cities! Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Canadian Pacific's Holiday Train in Cottage Grove on December 14. The Holiday Train is a rolling light and music show that helps support area food banks from Pennsylvania to North Dakota and Southern Canada.